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One of the very first spin-off sensations, Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve graduated from thorn in Fibber McGee’s side ("You’re a HARRRRD MAN, McGee!”) to his own hit radio sit-com and a series of feature films starring Harold Peary as the befuddled blowhard. As an added treat, viewers can take a gander at the Great Gildersleeve’s guest-starring gig alongside an all-star radio role call in the Lucille Ball/Victor Mature romantic romp Seven Days' Leave. 2-Disc, 5-Feature Collection.

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WAA375328 Great Gildersleeve DVD Movie Collection (The Great Gildersleeve/Gildersleeve's Bad Day/Gildersleeve on Braodway/Gildersleeve's Ghost/Seven Days Leave) $35.99 $32.99