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Cat owners have long been aware of the dual nature of their pets: affectionate domestics one minute, feral hunters the next. This tape spends an hour investigating how closely little 4-pound Cleo is connected to her 600-pound tiger sister half a world away. The feline-centric British have actually conducted studies on barn cats that reveal the similarity of group relationships to lion prides, both in the care females give to each others' young and in the viciousness of males taking over a group. The result is some disturbing footage of a lion killing his predecessor's kit and a graphic tale of a tomcat doing the same. Their gentle side is also explored in segments about cat therapy for the elderly and autistic. This video is crammed with beautiful footage and solid information for the feline fan, from why cats land on their feet when they fall to the strengths and weaknesses of their vision. Early on the host sums up the paradox of cat ownership: "To share one's life with a cat is to invite a bit of wildness indoors."

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VE74573 National Geographic: Cats: Caressing the Tiger VHS (1994) $4.99