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The tragedy of the Titanic has fascinated all since she sank with 1,500 of her passengers and crew in 1912. Much later, scientist Robert Ballard set out to find and explore the wreck, despite difficulties of depth and location. Using the research submarine Alvin and a remote-controlled underwater robot, he was the first human in over 70 years to see the giant resting beneath the North Atlantic waves. Secrets of the Titanic tells the story of the events leading up to the sinking using footage and photographs from the doomed maiden voyage and then follows the luckier Dr. Ballard through the steps leading to his discovery. As usual for National Geographic, the photography is excellent, even within the cramped confines of the tiny Alvin. The first views of the Titanic's interior are truly spectacular, especially when contrasted with vintage photos, and the excitement of Ballard and his crew is contagious. The spirit and joys of discovery are well captured and the viewer is reminded that the world is still teeming with opportunities for adventure.

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