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A Death Valley desperado murders a rancher in full view of the victim's two sons. The killer and his henchman kidnap the younger boy and raise him as a member of their ruthless gang. Fifteen years later, the other brother, Roy Rogers, returns to the valley to avenge his father's death. Murderer Ed Tasker now controls the town of Sundown, blackmailing the frightened ranchers for protection money. As new owner of the Circle Ranch, Roy goes along with the shakedown while secretly organizing a band of riders to fight the Tasker gang. What he does not realize is that the most ruthless triggerman is none other than his long-lost brother, Tim. One of six 1939 westerns Roy Rogers made for prolific director Joseph Kane, Saga of Death Valley features sensational action scenes and reliable comic support from George "Gabby" Hayes. Cinematographer Jack Marta later photographed Cat Ballou (1965), Walking Tall (1973), The Trial of Billy Jack (1974), and Steven Spielberg's first feature Duel (1971).

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