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Being the object of three teenage girls' affections may be some men's secret fantasy, but Keith Clark (David Boreanaz) finds it's more than he can handle--or live up to--in These Girls. Keith is the type of guy who doesn't work, but needs a babysitter to look after his infant when his wife is working. He and the 17-year-old sitter begin an affair, which goes smoothly until her two best friends catch her in the act. Literally. Not content to just hear about their friend's sexual exploits, the two separately decide to have sex with him as well. One seduces him. The other, a religious tattletale, blackmails him into taking her virginity. Billed as a comedy, These Girls has none of the humor of American Pie or the sweetness of Tatum O'Neal's coming-of-age film, Little Darlings. Mean spirited and full of unlikable and unbelievable characters, the film leaves viewers longing for the days when Boreanaz wooed Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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