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Alan Hale, Jr. ("Casey Jones," "Gilligan's Island") is Biff Baker, an American entrepreneur who travels the world with his wife, Louise (Randy Stuart, Incredible Shrinking Man). They search for items to import back to the States, but manage to get themselves knee-deep in espionage in every episode. Whether it's uncovering intrigue in Cairo or taking on the seedy underworld of France, the pair find excitement and danger around every corner. LONDON INCIDENT: Biff and Louise stumble upon a streetside killing in London and aid the police in finding the murderers. MONA LISA: While in France, the Bakers are duped into purchasing smuggled paintings... including the Mona Lisa. PARIS PERFUME: Killers plot to use Biff's export business to ship a deadly explosive. SAIGON INCIDENT: Biff and Louise must help a friend whose plantation in Vietnam is under siege by a ruthless guerilla leader.

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ALP5005 Biff Baker Vol. 2 DVD (1952/Alan Hale) $5.99