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N FOUR EXCITING, ACTION-PACKED ADVENTURES, Buffalo Bill, Jr., his feisty kid sister, Calamity, and their adoptive jack-of-all-trades father, Judge "Fair 'N' Square" Wiley, bring justice to the town of Wileyville, Texas in the late 1880s. Produced by Louis Gray and Gene Autry's Flying A Productions, "Buffalo Bill, Jr." ran on NBC TV from 1955-56, loosely mixing historical characters with rip-roaring western exploits. Star Dick Jones did his own spectacular stunts, from good old-fashioned fist fights to trick riding, usually on the first take, lending an air of authenticity to the breathless action! Fight For Geronimo: Premiere Episode! Bill and Calamity must outwit and outfight a pair of desperados who plot to kidnap Geronimo from the U.S. Army and then stage his re-capture - in order to collect the reward! Runaway Renegade: Bill must use his brains and his brawn to prove the innocence of a man accused of being a killer in Jesse James' Gang. Boomer's Blunder: A group of vicious outlaws relentlessly attempt to seize property sold by Judge Riley to his Civil War pal. The only thing that can stop the thugs is two-fisted justice, Buffalo Bill, Jr.-style! Redskin Gap: After a robbery at the border post of Redskin Gap, young Bill tangles with Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch, plunging Wileyville into danger!

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