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Upstanding bush pilot Red North and his bitter younger step-brother Paul Girard fight over the lucrative but limited airspace above their small Canadian town. When not performing random acts of heroism for his grateful neighbors, Red romances beautiful schoolteacher Hillary. Red's main rival for Hillary's amorous attention is out-of-town businessman Bill Gillespie. Hillary is already torn between Red and Bill when Paul makes his own amorous intentions known. The young teacher's head spins but her heart moves towards Red. Hillary's bush pilot father died young in a violent mid-air explosion while shipping a load of nitroglycerine. Because of this family tragedy, Hillary extracts a pledge from Red to never ship the volatile chemical. A nitro job's pay, however, is equal to a month's wages, and struggling to stay afloat since his brother came to town, Red is deeply tempted to disobey his lady love's instructions. Soaring to a gut-wrenching finale, Bush Pilot is a terrific action adventure from north of the border.

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ALP4665 Bush Pilot DVD (1941/Jack LaRue) $5.99