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The violent, bloody horrors of battle scar the memories of Jefferson Waring, who vows at the close of the Civil War never again to use a gun. Hoping for peace and new beginnings in Independence, Missouri, Waring instead finds the region plagued by its own private war. Artemus Taylor, an aging, ruthless schemer, and his henchmen are violently driving out the settlers of the region, killing without hesitation. Their plan is to claim the land and profit from an incoming railroad. Waring clashes with Taylor's men and uncovers the deadly details of Artemus' plans. Narrowly escaping death, Waring is blamed for the murder of one of Taylor's thugs. He must now elude the hangman's noose to help the settlers and halt the bloody rampage of Taylor and his cutthroats.

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ALP4982 Bushwhackers DVD (1952/Lon Chaney, Jr.) $5.99