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These cartoon heroes were in comic books first. Join Cartoon Crazys as these Comic Book Heroes make the leap from the printed page to the big screen including Superman, Little Audrey, Betty Boop and many more! We have spent thousands of hours remastering and remixing the entire soundtrack and added new sound effects, ambiences, and Foley work to create true Dolby Digital and Dolby Surround Sound. 1. Introduction 2. Superman - Underground World 3. Popeye - I Don't Scare 4. Felix the Cat 5. Do Do - The Kid from Outer Space 6. Superman - Electronic Earthquake 7. Toonerville Trolley 8. Little Audrey - Seapreme Court 9. Raggedy Ann - Suddenly It's Spring 10. Betty Boop and Henry - The Funniest Living American 11. Tobor the 8th Man - The Case of the Numbers Gang 12. Popeye - Out to Punch 13. Bonus! - Little Nemo 14. Superman Restoration Demo 15. Superman Preview 16. Ending

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