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Prince Caspian, the second fantasy adventure after The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in British author C.S. Lewis's beloved, Bible-based Narnia series, was first published in 1951, with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (1952) just on its heels. In 1989, these two novels were merged and adapted into a BBC TV series, and then edited into a riveting, but rather homespun feature-length production in two parts. In the first 59-minute episode, Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter are mysteriously whisked back to Narnia at the call of Prince Caspian, nephew of the cruel King Miraz, ruler of all Narnia. Miraz, who silenced Old Narnia, wants to kill his nephew, the rightful heir to the throne, so his own new baby son can be king. The four siblings help the fauns, dwarves, and talking animals of Old Narnia in Aslan's fierce battle to drive Miraz out of Narnia. In the second, 109-minute episode, Lucy, Edmund, and their obnoxious cousin Eustace Scrubb have just been sucked into a maritime painting of the Dawn Treader... and into another dangerous adventure in which the children assist Caspian on a voyage to rescue seven lords of Narnia, banished under Miraz's reign, encountering invisible armies, dragons, and their own nightmares--and sailing to the edge of the world. Lewis's hearty, old-fashioned battle of good vs. evil, brought to life with clashing swords, gorgeous costumes, and some pretty darn good (if sometimes hokey) special effects, makes for an exciting, blustery journey to the world of Narnia.

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