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The Seventh Continent Director: Michael Haneke Country: Austria Year: 1989 With no explanation, young Eva Schober pretends to lose her eyesight -- and soon after, her blasé middle class Austrian family begins to unravel. In Haneke's feature film debut, all of the acclaimed director's signature elements are already visisble: an unflinching eye towards modern alienation in the mode of Bresson and Antonioni; a challenging, elliptical narrative style; and an unsettling anti-psychological approach into the darkest hallways of human behavior. Benny's Video Director: Michael Haneke Country: Austria Year: 1992 The bored 14 year old son of an affluent Viennese family escapes from his mundane life into the titillating solitude of his video-equipped bedroom, where he relives a number of shockingly violent acts on playback. Without lapsing into didacticism or waiving his own complicity, Haneke makes one of the cinema's most powerful investigations into the nature of our mediated world and the seemingly insatiable appetite for bloodly spectacle. 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance Director: Michael Haneke Country: Austria Year: 1994 Following a savage Christmas Eve killing spree by a university student, a series of disjointed vignettes leading up to the massacre unfold like a puzzle -- one which leaves many questions unanswered even when "completed." This is the final installment of Haneke's trilogy of Austria's "emotional glaciation," which commenced with THE SEVENTH CONTINENT and BENNY'S VIDEO. The Castle Director: Michael Haneke Countries: Austria, Germany Year: 1997 Michael Haneke’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s THE CASTLE is an ingenious, faithful interpretation evoking Kafka’s vision of a dystopian society hobbled by paperwork and bled dry by conformism and convolution. Funny Games Director: Michael Haneke Country: Austria Year: 1997 The summer home of a vacationing couple and their son is infiltrated by a seemingly urbane pair of men -- who proceed to hold the family hostage and initiate a series of violent and diabolically sadistic "games." In his characteristic style, director Haneke leaves most of the bloodshed to the viewer's imagination, making this film a more harrowing experience than any splatter film. Code Unknown Director: Michael Haneke Country: France Year: 2001 Dir. Michael Haneke. France. 2001. 113 mins. Color. in French w/English subt. Letterboxed (1.85:1) On a bustling Paris streetcorner, four separate lives intersect, setting into motion a stunning film by acclaimed filmmaker Michael Haneke (The Piano Teacher, Funny Games). The Piano Teacher (unrated) Director: Michael Haneke Countries: Austria, France Year: 2001 Winner of three major awards at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival, The Piano Teacher features a tour-de-force performance by Isabelle Huppert as Erika Kohut, a sexually repressed music professor who becomes obsessed with one of her young students

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