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From high atop a mountain, an ancient statue casts a watchful gaze over the small town nested in the valley below as centuries pass and the citizens thrived under the rule of a fair and just emperor. When an evil usurper takes the life of their leader and turns the onetime paradise into an evil empire, the oppressed citizens cry out to the heavens in hopes that God will hear their tormented voices and intervene. Awakened by the prayers of the suffering innocents crushed under the weight of their corrupted oppressor, the mighty stone statue descends the mountain to mete out justice and punish those who would bring harm to the Lord's followers. Decked out in stone gray with a scowling jade-green war face, Majin is one of the most impressive of giant Japanese monster movie threats. This 60-foot statue come to life is an irresistible force, relentlessly driving ahead with the thundering echoes of his earthshaking steps.

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