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This video has two of the more interesting episodes of Disney's wild, weird, and wonderful cartoon series "Darkwing Duck". The first one is called simply, "Negaduck", and is one of the two episodes that feature the origins of Negaduck. When Darkwing is struck by a ray from a tron-splitter, it seperates his positrons from his negatrons (the building blocks of good and evil), and cause him to seperate into his good side and his bad side. The interplay between the "two Darkwings" is hilarious ("Violence never solved anything!" "Yeah, but it sure makes me _feel_ better!"), and the villian Megavolt is in rare form. He even helps Gosalyn and Lauchpad (friends of Darkwing) to get the two Darkwings re-merged into one. "Why would you help us?" Gosalyn demanded. "Because," answered Megavolt, "If the evil Darkwing destroys the city, they'll be nothing left to steal!" The other episode is, "Tiff Of The Titans". Steelbeak, leader of F.O.W.L. (Fiendish Organization for World Larceny) is trying to steal the Egret, a top-secret military transport. An army general hires Duckburg's hero, Gizmoduck, to guard the Egret until it can be safely transported. Since the Egret is located in St. Canard, that's where Giz has to go. Only to get in the way of St. Canard's own local hero, Darkwing Duck! Again, the interplay between two characters is wonderful, but not only between Darkwing and Gizmoduck, but also between their alter egos, Drake Mallard and Fenton Crackshell. At one point, when Drake catches site of Gizmoduck on the evening news, he slaps off the TV, muttering, "If I wanted to watch a trite and tedious program, I'd turn on the congressional hearings!"

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