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Open the champagne! Put silk sheets on the guest-room beds! Princess Victoria Wilomirska and Baron Nicholas Prax are coming for the weekend. Who are they? My dear, they're real live European aristocrats. With titles. They don't have a dime, of course - but, oh the social sensation!

In a romantic romp based in part on Noel Coward's Tonight at 8:30, Norma Shearer is the princess and Melvyn Douglas the baron, a ne'er-do-well making his living as a professional guest in the homes of awe-struck Americans. But when the two fall in love and marry, the jig is up. It seems the baron's hostesses much preferred him single. Could it be that one of these pampered patricians will have to get... a job?

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WAA12747 We Were Dancing DVD (1942/Norma Shearer) $19.99