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Originally titled Gił la Testa, Duck, You Sucker! is a Mexican-revolution yarn, filmed in Italy by spaghetti Western maven Sergio Leone. James Coburn is top-billed as John H. Mallory, an Irish soldier of fortune with a penchant for explosives. Rod Steiger plays Juan Miranda, another mercenary who wants to utilize Mallory's specialty to blast into a bank. Despite his avaricious intentions, Miranda becomes a hero when the hole he blows in the bank wall frees dozens of political prisoners.

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Special Features * Disc 1: Feature * Restored and remastered 157-minute version not shown originally in U.S. theaters * Audio commentary by noted film historian Sir Christopher Frayling * Disc 2: Special Features * Sergio Donati remembers Duck, You Sucker featurette * The Myth of Revolution: Sir Christopher Frayling discusses Leone's political leanings, his maturing method and his style * Once Upon a Time In Italy (Aka: The Autry Exhibition): A behind-the-scenes look at putting together and exhibit on Leone Sorting Out the Versions featurette * Restoration Italian Style: John Kirk discusses restoring the original Italian version for the first DVD release * Location comparisons then to now: film clips intercut with current footage of the locations used * 6 radio spots * Original theatrical trailer

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MG107735 Duck You Sucker Special Edition DVD (1972/James Coburn) $19.98