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While films about polygamous men who don't bother telling their wives about their other wives are not uncommon, those concerning polyandrous women doing the same thing are rare. This featherweight romantic comedy from Mexican director Jaime Humberto Hermosillo is one of those films. Esmeralda is passionate about life and simply has too much love in her heart to be monogamous. She is just about to marry her sixth husband, a student named Pedro, when one of her other five husbands calls the police and she is arrested. She tells her story to the stern judge Solorio, and her reasons for marrying each husband are revealed in flashback. It doesn't take long for the judge to become as enchanted by her as the others. Like other Hermosillo films, this one is filled with inside-jokes for film buffs. For example, one of Esmeralda's husbands is a gay man masquerading behind the marriage to appease his overbearing mother. This is a direct reference to Hermosillo's Doņa Herlinda and Her Son. In the story's final segments, the director pays tribute to Gene Kelly's famous dance scene from Singing in the Rain via the song "Amorcito Corazon."

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