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Rumors persist of a boy who was raised by wild beasts after his parents were killed deep within an uncharted jungle. The prospect of a hefty reward for the lad prompts renowned hunter Tom Burton to postpone the delivery of a prized tiger so he can pursue the long-lost orphan. Burton discovers a small village on the outskirts of the untamed wilderness that is home to Trader Kirk, a legendary explorer who gave up the trappings of modern civilization to enjoy the peacefulness of the wilds. Kirk insists that the story of the missing child is a fairy tale and warns the hunter that those who have traveled into the bush never return. Undaunted, Burton journeys on until he discovers the boy - now a young man named Tawa, living in remarkable harmony with the beasts around him. The tranquility of the Tawa's life is quickly shattered when Burton's deadly tiger escapes, threatening the safety of everyone in the jungle. Borrowing from the Tarzan stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs, as well as such films as the Buster Crabbe movie Nabonga (1944) and Savage Girl (1933) with Rochelle Hudson, Forbidden Jungle offers its own variation on the wild-child theme, featuring ferocious predators, mischievous chimps and heroic characters. Star Don Harvey is featured in several serials from the era, including Batman and Robin, and is also a recognizable face to sci-fi genre fans for his often uncredited supporting roles in such films as Creature with the Atom Brain, The Werewolf and Beginning of the End.

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