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Based on Alex Raymond's legendary sci-fi comic strip hero, these vintage television episodes present the adventures of space ace Flash Gordon (Steve Holland). Along with the lovely Dale Arden (Irene Champlin) and the brilliant Dr. Zarkov (Joe Nash), Flash represents the Galaxy Bureau of Investigation in an ongoing quest to keep the universe safe. Produced in Europe and syndicated through 1953-54, "Flash Gordon" delivers an unceasing array of surreal otherworldly adventures. Death In The Negative: The Queen of Cygni blackmails the nations of the Intergalactic Council with her all-powerful death-ray. The Breath Of Death: Flash and Dale are kidnapped by a homicidal prison-escapee from the Planet Gemini, who plans to execute them. The Lure Of The Light: Dale is taken prisoner by an evil space queen who is determined to steal a revolutionary space craft. The Planet Of Death: Flash is sent to a remote planet to find out who has massacred an entire party of space explorers.

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