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Veteran actor/director Robert Montgomery hosted the weekly drama series, Robert Montgomery Presents, during the heyday of anthology shows in the 1950s. Scores of Hollywood's brightest stars graced the show's seven-year run, as did Robert's own daughter, Elizabeth, who appeared in 27 episodes! A decade later, Elizabeth Montgomery starred in her own hit TV series, "Bewitched." The Ringmaster: Paralyzed ex-actor Peter Hammond runs a seaside inn with his devoted wife, Ann. After years of confinement to a wheelchair following a tragic auto accident, he seethes with resentment, jealousy and paranoia. When an old theater acquaintance arrives at the inn, Hammond's demons finally overwhelm him. Starring Vincent Price, Anna Lee, Robert Coote, John Merivale. Maggie, Pack Your Bags: Retired U.S. Army veteran Jeff Frazier and his wife Maggie live in a secluded Mexican hacienda, far from the woes of the outside world. Their blissful peace is shattered when Jeff's old commanding officer unexpectedly arrives, hoping to convince him to return to duty. Jeff says he wants no part of the plan, but Maggie knows better. Starring Robert Preston, Margaret Hayes, Roland Winters.

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ALP5697 Golden Age of Television, Volume 7: Ringmaster / Maggie, Pick Up Your Bags DVD (1951/Vincent Price, Robert Coote, Anna Lee, Robert Preston & Roland Winters) $5.99