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All 26 episodes of Get Smart's fifth hit season. The fifth and final season of the classic spy spoof "Get Smart" focuses on that new complication for bumbling spy Maxwell Smart and his new wife 99. The baby focus is a bit tiresome at times (even if it does produce the Chief and Larabee babysitting!) but it's still a pretty hilarious series with plenty of long-running gags and catchphrases, and an endless stream of bizarre conspiracies to destroy the free world. Would you believe...? Max and 99 are sent to rescue a professor who is being kept under an unbreakable glass dome, but as they're being chased off the premises, 99 drops a bombshell on her husband -- she's pregnant. Max is so elated by this that he not only runs through a brick wall, but blabs his secret identity to a nearby reporter, putting the mission in jeopardy. And of course, their impending parenthood becomes a part of the new missions -- defeating Ironhand with Operation Baby Buggy Switch, dealing with a bunch of explosive dolls, and Max must even "marry" a KAOS black widow on his anniversary. Worst of all, a mixup with some trenchcoats causes Max and 99 to end up heading for a KAOS clinic when 99 goes into labor -- not to mention going up against the deadly Simon the Likable.

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