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The Desert Trail (1935, B&W): Long-time rivals in romance, best friends John Scot and Kansas Charlie pull into Rattlesnake Gulch looking for work. Competition for the affections of the lovely Juanita quickly has the two pals at each other's throats. Their troubles mount when they are mistakenly fingered for a holdup and murder. With Mary Korman, Paul Fix, Eddy Chandler; Story by Lindsley Parsons; Directed by Cullen Lewis. The Dawn Rider (1935, B&W): Returning home from a long absence, John Mason is shocked to witness his own father being gunned down. With his final breath, Dan Mason tells his son that the unseen assassin wore a polka-dotted scarf. Armed with nothing but this meager scrap of information and his gun, John sets out burning for revenge. With Marion Burns, Earl Dwire; Story by Lloyd Mosler; Directed by R. N. Bradbury. 'Neath The Arizona Skies (1934, B&W): Abandoned by her father, then orphaned by the death of her mother, young Nina has been left in the care of cowboy Chris Morrell. She's also inherited a $50,000 windfall from her mother's oil well. To protect the money, Chris agrees to become Nina's legal guardian, but first he must track down her real father and get his consent. His mission is complicated by an outlaw gang who are eager to get their greedy hands on the girl's money. With Sheila Terry, Jack Rockwell; Screenplay by Burl Tuttle; Directed by Harry Fraser.

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