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An enthralling fantasy set during the Southern Sung Dynasty about a monk who sets out to eradicate the world of evil spirits. During his moral missions, he encounters "Green Snake," a spirit who takes the shape of a beautiful woman to benefit humankind. Maggie Cheung (Police Story, The Heroic Trio, In The Mood For Love) and Joey Wong (Butterfly & Sword, A Chinese Ghost Story) play two beautiful half-human/half-snakes. Son Ching (Wong), after 1000 years of discipline, has begun to evolve from her snake form into a human being. Green Snake (Cheung), with only a mere 500 years of practice, is content on simply slithering around, until a Buddhist monk, played by Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (Fong Sai Yuk), with magnificent powers becomes their greatest foe. In her human form, Son finds love. However, Green Snake is torn between the love of her best friend Son and her playful spirit-self that wants nothing better than to meddle with Son's love interest as well as play with and beguile humans. Enraged over the fact that either would dare to even attempt to assume human form, the Buddhist Monk quickly passes judgment and takes matters into his own hands.

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