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"Dinner for Two" (episode 11)--Jimmy and Freddy become old when Grandfather Clock's time machine malfunctions. Witchiepoo finds Jimmy in her forest, decides he is her Prince Charming, and plans to marry him. Puf rescues the elderly groom from the castle and returns him to 12 years old, then turns the witch into a squalling toddler. "Tooth for a Tooth" (episode 13)--Witchiepoo goes to a dental appointment with Doctor Blinky, but her bad-tooth extraction hurts so much that she flies into a rage. Before she can hurt anyone, Doctor Blinky blasts her with a love potion and she invites everyone to the castle for a party. Meanwhile, Pufnstuf hatches a plan for Jimmy and Freddy to escape on the witch's Vroom Broom during the party.

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