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When a bus is stranded in 8 foot snowdrifts in a remote region of the Sierra Nevada, the passengers are forced to seek refuge from the freezing storm in an abandoned church inhabited by a strapping hobo named Bill. The refugees, a beautiful lady crook and the detective who's returning her to prison, a wealthy banker, a young bride-to-be and the busdriver, quickly learn that Bill is in charge. Not only his commanding physique, but the fact that he controls all of the food makes it clear that Bill is the group's only chance of survival. "Billie," the pretty con and Bill soon fall desperately in love, despite the best efforts of the policeman to keep them apart. The lovers plan an escape but just when the moment to flee is at hand they are faced with a terrible choice - their escape to freedom may cost the lives of the stranded travelers! High Voltage features a lovely Carole Lombard in one of her first talkies. Actor William Boyd became indelibly identified with western hero Hopalong Cassidy in 66 feature films.

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ALP5619 High Voltage DVD (1929/Carole Lombard) $5.99