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Tough talking, quick-fisted Secret Service agent Jack Holt infiltrates a gang of counterfeiters who are flooding the market with undetectable phony bills. A shadowy criminal syndicate has kidnapped one of the government's best engravers to print the bogus currency, and Holt has been called up to destroy the operation from the inside. Posing as a dangerous criminal, Jack gains entrance to the gang's remote mountain hideout, bringing fellow agent Kay Drew along. Operating among the enemy, Holt and Drew struggle to keep their true identities from being revealed through fifteen exciting chapters. Rugged leading man Jack Holt garnered early career success in a series of Zane Grey westerns. A top draw during the silent film era, Holt made an easy transition when talkies arrived, but stayed in familiar territory, acting mainly in B westerns and adventure yarns.

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ALP4586 Holt Of The Secret Service DVD (1941/Jack Holt/15 Episodes) $5.99