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First up on the list is one of Garofalo's favorite subjects from the olden days: sexuality - in this case, her lack thereof. Despite her boyfriend of 10 years being her roommate, Janeane has found bliss in crossing sexual attraction, and all the pretense that goes with it, off her list of daily things to do. Then she moves into territory that Sinbad himself recently had to tackle: what has she been doing for the last 5 years? Where was she? Now when she goes around town, she doesn't have people pointing her out as being that Janeane Garofalo lady, but rather people offer that, with no offense intended, that she resembles that Garofalo lady who used to be in movies. It's a fair question considering she fell off the map at the beginning of the new millennium only to reappear suddenly in a role in 24. Adding to her perceived disappearance is her lack of online presence, as her agent calls it. For you see, Garofalo isn't a fan of all these newfangled internet technologies like Twitter and Facebook, because she doesn't use a computer at all. She doesn't understand the modern obsession with everything digital and she makes this quite clear in a humorous biting segment. This summary of the segment isn't funny, but she is. We promise. Additionally, Janeane has some fun takes on the shortcomings of the intervention process. The segment has some similarities to Cross's bit on the same subject (though his was more about the show Intervention while hers is a remembrance of her own experience - which she feels was filled with lies and deceit). When she gets around to talking about animals, you know for certain that the pissed off Garofalo of stand-up routines past is no longer present in the room. Janeane's sentimentality shone through slightly in her talks about her asexuality and new perspective on romance, but when she starts talking about puppies and the shelter you realize she's softened over the years.

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