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Fugitive cowboy Jim Gray assumes the identity of Neil Denham a Cattlemen's Association detective slain by gunmen. The killers are agents of a sadistic Mandarin warlord known only as "The General." Jim is able to infiltrate the gang but is then faced with a terrible dilemma. He must kill his best friend or be exposed as a traitor to the trigger-happy "General." The filmmaking Weiss Brothers and their Artclass Pictures Corporation turned out some quality "B" films, and the four Harry Carey Westerns of 1931-32 fall into that category. Each contained some unusual story element. Border Devils generates interest with its use of a colorful Chinese villain, played by screen veteran Tetsu Komai with his accustomed malevolence. Carey, always among the most personable cowboy heroes, is extremely effective in this taut, suspenseful western.

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