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They're nude but not lewd! Two nudist camp romps by two very different cult directors are together in the altogether for the first time! "Diary of a Nudist" (1961, 72 min., Color) - A newspaper editor stumbles upon a nudist camp and orders sexy ace reporter Stacey Taylor to expose its sinful ways. But surprise! She's so thrilled with the jaybird lifestyle her diary of a nudist becomes a gleeful endorsement! It's another wacky gem from the amazing Doris Wishman (Deadly Weapons). "The Naked Venus" (1958, 77 min., Black & White) - French sexpot Yvonne hides away at a nudist camp and fights back in court when her Mother-in-Law-from-Hell starts divorce proceedings over Yvonne's nude posing for the painting "The Naked Venus." But it all turns into a quasi-legal peepshow when films of her nature camp proclivities are shown to the judge! Helmed by cult-fave Edgar G. Ulmer, the man behind Poverty Row classics like "Detour," "The Man from Planet X" and "Daughter of Dr. Jekyll!"

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Special Features Alternate "Naked Venus" Title Sequence and 8 Minutes of Nudist-Camp Footage Deleted from the U.S. Version! Bare Naked Trailers for "Blaze Starr Goes Nudist," "Eve or the Apple," "Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls," "The Naked Venus," "Nude on the Moon" and "The Nudist Story!" Naked Nudist Short Subjects: "They Wear No Clothes," "Nudist Recruits" and "Nudists Uncensored!" Extra Undressed Added Attraction: Starlet Delores Carlos visits Anne Howe ("46-24-36!") at the Coral Lake Nudist Camp where "The Beatlettes Go Nudist!" Bare Naked Nudist Camp Exploitation Art Gallery with Radio Sport Rarities!

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ID1187SW Diary of a Nudist/Naked Venus DVD (1961/58) $12.99