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The first installment in C.S. Lewis’ best-selling series The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe follows four children in their adventure through the enchanted kingdom of Narnia. While playing hide and go seek, the four siblings climb into a wardrobe that leads them into a world filled with mythical creatures and fantastic magic. The kingdom of Narnia is not all fun for the children, though. An evil witch has cast a spell on Narnia keeping it in eternal winter. To defeat the witch and restore springtime, the four children must team up with the creatures of Narnia as well as Aslan, a noble lion and the King of the Woods. Will the children be able to stop the witch or will it remain winter forever in Narnia?

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Special Features Audio commentary * Deleted sequence (audio and storyboards only) * Picture galleries featuring behind the scenes photos and character and animation designs * British and American English tracks as well as subtitles

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