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Mad Men returns, and guess what? Itís still one of the best shows on TV. Season two continues the slow progression to absolute greatness. The first season left us with a number of cliffhangers, and the beginning of the second season doesnít cleanly wrap things up. Instead, we leap forward nearly 2 years and are thrown into an even more tumultuous time where the Norman Rockwell-idealized era is only ideal on the surface (slightly below we find rampant alcoholism, marriage dissolution, casual sexism and racism). There is resolution, eventually, for all the questions left unanswered, but in true slow-as-molasses-but-still-riveting Mad Men form, we get to wait the entire season for answers. A lot has changed in these two years at Sterling-Cooper and it is exciting watching the 60ís progress through the unique lens of Mad Men. Everything that made Season one incredibly compelling television is back. The terrific acting, pitch-perfect writing, gorgeous art direction and impressive attention to detail are all the unshakeable foundation to a meandering yet precise plotline that keeps the viewer glued to the television. Special features include extensive commentaries and featurettes that examine 1960ís fashion, the rise of women in the workplace, and defining historical events of the era

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Special Features "Mad Men Commentaries," feature-length audio commentaries on all episodes. "Birth of an Independent Woman," video featurette examining the rise of female independence in the 1960's from housewives to working women. "An Era of Style," video taking a close look into the fashion of the 1960s and its influence on designers today. "Time Capsule," video featurettes and picture text galleries examining historical events mentioned in the second season.

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