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Three Word Brand (1921, B&W, Silent): Hard-working rancher Bill Brand is a man of action and few words. Greedy neighbor Bull Yeates has bribed a group of senators to pass a bill that will grant him exclusive water rights to the valley which will drive Brand and half the cattlemen in the county out of business. Discovering that he is a dead-ringer for the governor, Brand travels to the state capital on a desperate mission. He will impersonate the governor and defeat the crooked legislation once and for all, or wind up in prison if he is caught. Square Deal Man (1917, B&W, Silent): Gambler Jack O'Diamonds wins Colonel Ransome's ranch in a poker game. The loser accuses Jack of cheating. The lights go out as shots are fired and when they go back on, the Colonel lies dead. Believing that he was the killer and wracked with guilt, Jack sends East for Ransome's daughter, Virginia, and gives her the deed. He falls in love with the beautiful girl, and stays on as foreman. When hired hand Pedro accuses him of murdering the Colonel, Virginia orders Jack to leave. With Jack out of the way, Pedro and his gang conspire to steal Virginia's entire herd.

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ALP6575 Lost Treasures of the West DVD: Three Word Brand (1921) / Square Deal Man (1917) (Silent) $5.99