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A Bedroom Scandal (1921, B&W, Silent): Unfaithful hubby is a tailor of ladies gowns at the big department store downtown. He gathers as many phone numbers from his pretty customers as he does measurements, but his day of reckoning is at hand. Starring Monte Banks; Directed by Herman Raymaker. A Safe Investment (1915, B&W, Silent): A struggling broker begins selling shares in a phony gold mine by offering huge returns. In no time at all, the greedy townsfolk are lined up, begging for a chance to invest their hard-earned savings. Starring Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Drew; Directed by Sidney Drew. Her Great Mistake (1917, B&W, Silent): At the milliners, Mrs. Terris accidently learns that her husband is cheating, when Mr. Terris' pretty young secretary walks in and charges an expensive hat to his account. Starring Marie Walcamp; Directed by Henry MacRae. Meddling Women (1924, B&W, Silent): An overbearing mother does not approve of her daughter-in-law's wish to pursue an acting career. She drives the poor girl to leave her husband and tragedy ensues. Starring Lionel Barrymore, Dagmar Godowsky, Sigrid Holmquist; Directed by Ivan Abramson.

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ALP6683 Matrimonial Maniacs DVD Meddling Women (1924) / A Bedroom Scandal (1921) / Her Great Mistake (1917) / A Safe Investment (1915) $5.99