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A classic kung fu movie, Master of the Flying Guillotine stars martial arts legend Jimmy Wang Yu (who also wrote and directed) as the One-Armed Boxer, a warrior who has remained true to the recently overthrown Ming Dynasty. A league of kung fu masters are tracking down rebels with a new, deadly weapon--the flying guillotine; an unbeatable, almost supernatural blind man is the king of these killers. After the One-Armed Boxer defeats two of the blind master's disciples, the blind master goes to a martial arts tournament to kill every one-armed man he meets until he has slain the One-Armed Boxer. The wild mix of fighting styles at the tournament (using ropes, swords, sticks, Eagle's Claw, Thai kickboxing, and Hindu magic) provides a spectacular centerpiece. Hokey and campy, sure--but the culminating battle in a coffin shop will have you on the edge of your seat nonetheless.

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