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Hey, hey they're the Monkees and they're cool again. So put on your green knit cap and your best striped pants and settle down for two 25-minute episodes from the fabbest four west of Liverpool. In "The Chaperone" (broadcast November 7, 1966), Davy wants to date a World War II general's daughter so he tries his hand at poll taking, magazine sales, and bomb shelter inspecting--anything to penetrate the general's protective force field. Finally the four singing roommates come up with the plan to have a chaperoned party that evolves into an opportunity for the boys to play Henry Higgins to their alcoholic cleaning lady's Eliza Doolittle, not to mention the chance to put Mickey in a dress and a wig. "The Case of the Missing Monkee" (broadcast January 9, 1967) finds the band playing a banquet until Peter is spirited away to a mental ward by the same vaguely Russian villains who are plotting to kidnap a professor. This provides a good excuse for the remaining three to scale hospital walls and don spiffy coordinated bathrobes, and the reunited four to sing their hit song "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone."

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