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This sordid Japanese drama is also known under the more appropriate title Nanami: Inferno of First Love. The story begins with Shun (Akia Takahashi), a shy 17-year-old boy, taking pretty young Nanami (Kuniko Ishii) to a hotel room. We are primed for a garden-variety "sexual awakening" scene. Instead, Shun and Nanami spend the night talking about their lives. Shun, an orphan blighted by a miserable childhood, now has a dead-end job; his only pleasure is to go to the park and play harmlessly with a little girl of his acquaintance. Nanami had come to the Big City in search of work, but found she could only secure employment as a nude photographer's model. Later on, Shun is arrested when his attentions to the little girl in the park is misinterpreted; he is told by his psychiatrist that he should develop a healthy relationship with a girl his own age. Meanwhile, Nanami's "agents" have gotten her involved in explicit S and M photographic work. When Shun arrives at Nanami's home for a date, he is confronted by the men responsible for her humiliating photo shoots.

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