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The honeymoon capital of the world steams with newlywed bliss, but one odd couple that arrives there is anything but loving. Fate and a flat tire bring together Tom Wilson, a die-hard bachelor, and Margy Blake who has upright dreams of true love and baby-filled marriage. When crusty old oilman, Sam Sawyer, assumes the two are newlyweds having a little lovers' spat, he arranges for them to stay in the honeymoon suite. Then the sparks really start to fly. Niagara Falls is a high-energy bedroom farce from director Gordon Douglas, who cut his comedy teeth on Our Gang and Laurel and Hardy shorts. He switched gears in 1954 with the sci-fi giant ant classic, Them. Douglas also worked with Frank Sinatra, directing Young at Heart (1954), Robin and the Seven Hoods (1964), Tony Rome (1967), The Detective (1968), and Lady in Cement (1968). Other notable works include Harlow (1965), In Like Flint (1967) and They Call Me MISTER Tibbs! (1970). Bonus feature! Dear Deer: The hunting trip story concocted by two lodge conventioneers to hide their three-day binge in Atlantic City from their spouses soon becomes a tangled mass of whoppers. One of the inebriated amnesiacs thinks he may have married someone over the weekend and he's pretty sure his real wife won't appreciate it. Stars Leon Errol. Directed by Ben Holmes

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