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When John Hewitt becomes mayor of the sleepy small town of River's End, he seeks to transform the small country hamlet into a sophisticated metropolitan suburb. Local physician Dr. Paul Christian supports Mayor Hewitt until it becomes clear that the mayor is more concerned with tourist revenue and new highways than building a much needed hospital and helping the poor and uneducated who dwell on the fringes of their community. Having seen one too many routine operations become medical emergencies due to lack of proper equipment, Dr. Christian publicly criticizes the mayor for his conservative agenda and rallies his fellow sitizens to demand a progressive social agenda for River's End. A gripping melodrama interwoven with comedy and romance, Meet Doctor Christian is a heart-warming and deeply touching slice of pre-World War II Americana. The first of six Doctor Christian motion pictures, Meet Doctor Christian sets the stage for sequels Remedy for Riches (1940), Courageous Doctor Christian (1940), Doctor Christian Meets The Women (1940), Melody For Three (1941) and They Meet Again (1941). The films were inspired by the "Doctor Christian" radio program, also starring Jean Hersholt, which ran from 1937 to 1953.

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