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A flying saucer has landed near an Air Force base. An expeditionary team sent to investigate it has been vaporized by the saucer's alien occupants. The base colonel wants to blow it up, but his Intelligence advisor tells him their measurements indicate the saucer has enough combustible elements aboard "to make Hiroshima look like a bonfire, if it's hit." They have a longshot idea to figure out the means and motives of the elusive aliens: send in an undercover agent. Enter Robert Duvall as agent Louis Mace, a former assassin compromised from further work in the Intelligence game, but whose life is an empty shell without his work. Through a recombinant DNA trick, Mace is temporarily turned into one of the aliens, and given a cover story to gain entrance to the saucer. But once aboard, the Intelligence team have a little problem on their hands: Mace seems to want to go native with the aliens; they can't be sure that the process they used to transform him hasn't really contributed one more to the aliens' number.

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