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Clyde Beatty, the world's most fearless wild animal trainer, leads safaris into Africa's darkest jungles. Traveling with his partner, Grant Cunningham, he specializes in capturing exotic species for circuses and zoos around the globe. His already dangerous job is made even more difficult when Gorman, an unscrupulous hunter, attempts to cut in on Beatty's lucrative enterprise. Whether capturing wild gorillas or journeying deep into hostile native territory, Beatty must always keep one eye over his shoulder, constantly on guard against Gorman's nefarious interference. Immortalized by the world famous traveling circus that bore his name, Clyde Beatty thrilled millions of amazed spectators when he stepped into circus cages with as many as 40 big cats at one time, armed with just a chair and a whip. Throughout the 30s, 40s and 50s, Beatty also appeared in films, basically playing himself, as the undisputed king of wild animal trainers.

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ALP5842 Perils of the Jungle DVD (1953/Clyde Beatty) $5.99