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Night club singer Danny O'Toole inherits a fortune, but lacks the funds to travel to Ireland to collect it. The band provides Danny with travel expenses in return for shares in his windfall. Arriving in Dublin, he finds that he must split his inheritance with another heir, feisty Irish lass Colleen Kerrigan and that there is no money involved - only a castle. Colleen has resided in the castle for years and bitterly resents the intrusion of this strange American. Flat broke, Danny turns his half of the castle into Ireland's first fast food joint - selling hamburgers to the natives. The exotic American hamburger is a huge hit with the Irish, and Danny starts raking in the cash. He turns the business into a wildly successful nightclub. At the end of her rope, Colleen enlists a group of irate townsfolk in a desperate attempt to drive the Yankee invaders out, once and for all. Penny Singleton, who plays a fiery redhead in Outside of Paradise, is best remembered as a blonde. Starring in the 1938 hit film Blondie, she reprised the tremendously popular role through 27 sequels until 1950 (Blondie's Hero). Later on TV, she was the voice of Jane Jetson in the animated series "The Jetsons."

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