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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, originally premiering on the FX network in 2005, revolves around four friends: Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (Rob McElhenney), Dennis (Glenn Howerton), and his sister Dee (Kaitlin Olson); all of whom own and run an Irish bar in downtown Philadelphia. They get into all kinds of crazy hijinks through misunderstandings and just plain bad judgement, ranging from being mistaken as a gay bar to Charlie lying about having cancer. Yes, there's nothing really wholly original about the show's premise, but it remains hysterically funny throughout. The second season of the show finds Danny DeVito joining the cast as Dennis and Dee's father, who isn't the sanest of the bunch either.

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Special Features # Disc 1 Season 1: Scenes from Original Pilot Disc 2 Season 2: # Cast and Crew Commentary Disc 3: # Cast and Crew commentary # Sunny Side Up (Making of) # Kaitlin audition featurette # The Gang Fucks Up (Outakes) # Making A Scene: It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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