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Investigator for the Manhattan District Attorney's office, "Breezy" Kildare drops by the "Back Door" nightclub to keep tabs on ruthless mobster Butch Owens. A blazing shoot-out erupts and both Breezy and Owens are wounded, the latter skipping town in the melee. Breezy returns home to Cheyenne to recover, where he reunites with his father, rancher Martin Kildare. He is shocked to see his old nemesis Owens presiding over a meeting of the cattleman's association, offering to provide the ranchers protection. Breezy vows to intensifiy his efforts to bring Owens to justice. But when Owens' men wound Pop Martin, the fight becomes personal - and this time, they're on Breezy's home turf. With From Cheyenne to Broadway, Monogram Pictures combined two popular staples of 1930s cinema: the big-city crime drama and the Western. It's tommy gun versus six-shooter, as two cultures collide in a bullet-riddled, hard riding adventure.

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ALP6734 From Broadway to Cheyenne DVD (1932/Rex Bell) $5.99