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Campy by today's standards, the fun and informative UFO documentary "The Flying Saucer Mystery" (1950) takes an early look at our culture's fascination with life from beyond the stars. Next, "Creature of Destruction" (1967) is Larry Buchanan's (unauthorized) remake of "The She Creature," concerning a cheap hypnotist who seizes the will of a young girl and forces her to commit murders in the style of a sea hag. Girls, magic, monsters, murder--how could it go wrong? Les Tremayne ("War of the Worlds") does the Kreskin bit; Pat Delaney, Aron Kincaid co-star. Finally, the low-budget invasion yarn "UFO: Target Earth" (1974) follows scientists trying to salvage an abandoned saucer, raising an interesting semantic question: Can it still be called a UFO if it's spotted at the bottom of a lake?

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