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In Sunny Creek, a band of ruthless outlaws plunder stage coaches of their cash shipments, resulting in huge losses for the Wells Fargo Company. Company lawyer Sam Willard sends the Range Busters - Crash, Dusty and Alibi - on a bounty hunt for the bandits. Crash and Dusty charge into the situation while Alibi brings his smart-mouthed dummy Elmer along to comment on the action. In the name of truth and justice, The Range Busters maneuver outside the bounds of the law. They discover that the robberies are part of a larger embezzlement plot whose corruption courses straight to the very top of the Wells Fargo Company.

Arizona Stage Coach is one of twenty-four Range Buster pictures produced between 1940 and 1943 for Monogram Pictures to compete with Republic Pictures' ongoing trigger trio series, The Three Mesquiteers.

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ALP4926 Range Busters: Arizona Stage Coach DVD (1942/Crash Corrigan) $5.99