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Action fans' favorite Mountie takes on a gang of killer crooks in one of the most exciting entries in the popular "Renfrew of the Royal Mounted" series. Armored car driver George leaves on a routine run - unaware that crooks have switched the boxes of gold in his truck for boxes of rocks, and tampered with his air brakes. Truck and driver crash off Devil's Gorge into a mountain lake and disappear. Unsatisfied with the easy explanation that George ran off with the gold shipment, Renfrew of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his fellow "yellow stripe" Kelly investigate further. In the process, they run afoul of gang leader Maxwell, an always-laughing but lethal larcenist who tries to mark THEM for a "brake failure" accident. Danger Ahead boasts great scenery, land and water action as well as a sexist song ("Spare the Rod," about men's occasional need to spank their women) - plus a great comic highlight where Renfrew unknowingly sings the spanking song to his sour boss, the RCMP Inspector!

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ALP6467 Renfrew of the Royal Mounted: Danger Ahead DVD (1940/James Newill) $5.99