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A natural-born despot, General Aladeen (Cohen) takes great pride in his role as an oppressor. As the unchallenged leader of Wadiya, his talent for trash-talking Western values and ignoring international treaties has made him the most hated autocrat since Saddam Hussein. But when General Aladeen travels to New York City to address international concerns regarding the state of his nation's controversial nuclear program, his trusted right-hand man Tamir (Ben Kingsley) schemes to have the tyrant killed and replaced with a double in order to forge a lucrative alliance with big oil companies. Incredibly, General Aladeen manages to thwart his assassin and make a daring escape -- but not before losing his trademark beard. Now adrift in New York City and completely unrecognizable, the most hated leader in the world befriends Zoey (Anna Faris), a feminist/activist and the owner of a Brooklyn organic-food store, and assumes the identity of a Wadiyan dissident while plotting with his former top scientist Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) to sabotage his double's speech and reclaim his rightful status as the true enemy of freedom.

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