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Daughter Of The Night, titled Der Tanz Auf Dem Vulcan (Dancing On A Volcano) for it's original German release, is one of the earliest surviving films featuring future Hollywood legend Bela Lugosi, eleven years prior to his appearance in Dracula (1931). Marie Dorouska, a beautiful Russian singer, has become the toast of Paris. Fabulously wealthy and handsome Count Andre Fleurot is her most fervent suitor. As the two grow close, she reveals part of her mysterious past - at one time she lived destitute, on the streets of Moscow, singing for coins. She tells Andre that love must wait - she must first fulfill her sacred duty to Mother Russia. Marie is part of an underground movement that is trying to bring democracy to Russia - just as the great revolution is about to explode. Using his love for her as bait, she involves Andre in a plot that may not only destroy their chances for a future together, but may cost them their lives.

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