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Sleepovers turn deadly in this three-film set of the driller-killer trilogy. Includes the original attack on a bunch of teenage girls by an escaped murderer in The Slumber Party Massacre (Michelle Michaels, Robin Stille. 1982/77 min.). Follow that with The Slumber Party Massacre II (Crystal Bernard, Jennifer Rhodes. 1987/90 min.) in which a rock & roll singer uses his guitar to drill-kill. Finally, The Slumber Party Massacre III (Yan Birch, Brenda Burkett. 1990/87 min.) finds the driller on a beach with a local volleyball team.

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Special Features Audio Commentaries on Each Film All-New Three-Part Documentary, Sleepless Nights: Revisiting The Slumber Party Massacres Photo and Poster Still Gallery Theatrical Trailers

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