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Cochise County was once Apache land until a silver strike brought a flood of white prospectors, settlers and outlaws to the harsh desert region in the late 1800's. Legendary names like Tombstone and the OK Corral conjure images of gunslingers and lawmen in an endless struggle for dominance. Almost a century later, the battle continues, as Sheriff Frank Morgan and his deputies fight crime in the still untamed southern Arizona county. This Desilu television series ran from 1956 to 1958 before changing its name to "U.S. Marshal," giving Frank Morgan a promotion and expanding his jurisdiction to the whole state of Arizona. The renamed series ran for two more years. Cain And Abel: A wayward teen cons a good kid into committing a felony. Massacre: A young deputy, soon to be a father, is shot during a bloody payroll heist. Relatives: Sheriff Morgan's investigation reveals that a farmer's cattle are being rustled by the man's own brother. Robbery: Local merchants are held up at gunpointby a mysterious masked man.

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